Glacier National Park

We recently visited northwestern Montana and spent a few days in Glacier National Park.  Neither of us had ever been to Montana before but we heard good things about the park and couldn’t wait to go.  I took over 300 pictures during our few days there and we were both blown away by the beautiful scenery.


If you have been to Glacier National Park, what did you think?  What was your favorite part of the park?  Are there other National Parks you’d recommend?


Enjoying the Outdoors

Yesterday I decided to take my camera out and go exploring a bit.  I found a footbridge that goes across a lake we have nearby.  I knew the lake was there, of course but I didn’t know about the bridge and I was surprised by how many people were there exercising, walking dogs, or spending time with their kids.  It was fun walking around and taking pictures.

I hope you had a nice weekend, too!


A few weeks ago, my husband and I took a weekend trip to Orlando, Florida.  We were only there for 48 hours, but it was REALLY nice, especially since it was about 30 degrees warmer there than at home.  Here are some pictures I took.


What are your travel plans for this year?

2 Year Blogiversary!

I created the project board exactly 2 years ago today.  I’d like to highlight some of my favorite posts from the past year.

Click on the picture to be taken to that post.

1. Yay! It’s Fall Time! – October 16, 2013
IMG_41252. 2014 Calendar – January 15, 2014


3. Snow Has Arrived! – February 3, 2014
IMG_43694. Glider Chair Before and After – February 26, 2014
Before_After5. Nautical Baby Shower – March 29, 2014
IMG_44946. Savannah – June 7, 2014
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IMG_51869. Our Home Then and Now – September 21, 2014
livingroomYou can see the highlights from my first year of blogging here:

Thanks to everyone who has followed me over the past two years!


Husband and I recently took a trip to Savannah, Georgia.  If you’ve never been, I highly recommend visiting because there’s a ton of history, lots of good food, and it’s within driving distance to the beach.  Here are some pictures I took while we were there.

IMG_4731 IMG_4751 IMG_4757 IMG_4787 IMG_4805 IMG_4826 IMG_4836 IMG_4880 IMG_4926I hope you enjoy any vacations you have planned for this summer.

Portland Day One

My sister and I arrived in Portland, Oregon today!  Yay!  I am here for a work related conference and neither of us had ever been to Oregon (or any other state in the northwest) before so we were pretty excited.  We are tired from the traveling but we did have some energy to walk around downtown.  Here are some pictures we took!

More pictures to come.