Decorative Changes

We’ve made some changes to our decorations this summer.


The first thing I did was redecorate the fireplace. I liked the picture that was on the mantel (and you’ll see I did move it somewhere else) but it had been there for at least 5 years and I was looking to decorate the fireplace with white to tie in the new white baseboards and trim we had in the room. I found the white picture frames on sale but I struggled with finding pictures to put in them. I didn’t want a lot of color but I wanted to frame something important to us and then I realized that our map from Glacier National Park would be perfect and thankfully it was the exact size I needed. I also framed a picture I took at the park last year and then added in light blue pictures of flowers just to keep it simple and clean.


We also bought a small bench (for only $50!) to put next to the fireplace and I found  white lanterns on sale for 70% off – I got both for less than $20.



Earlier this month we finished installing hardwood floors and new baseboard in our back hallway. Before it was finished, I knew I would want to add a rug mostly because there is a lot of traffic in that hallway and I also wanted to add a bench so that we had a place to sit when putting on shoes.

I probably spent over an hour looking at runners at a home decorating store and ended up coming home with the below rug and the bench:


I liked the neutral colors but my friends described the rug as “blah” and “boring” and I thought maybe it would be better to get a runner that was more durable than carpet. So I went to another store and bought this one that is machine washable:


I didn’t like this one either because I thought the color was a bit too showy and I wanted a runner that was longer. This particular rug looked like a beach towel to me.

SO I ended up going to a third store not expecting much but I ended up finding a rug that met all my criteria (neutral colors but still fun, durable, and at least 7 feet long) AND I unexpectedly found a bench that I liked better than the one I had previously bought that was much better quality and was the same price. So I rushed home, packed up the two rugs and bench I had bought previously and returned those to stores on the other side of the city on a hot late July day all the while hoping I got home before rush hour traffic started. I was sweating.

Here’s the finished product!


Before and after:



A few months ago we replaced the baseboard in the kitchen and changed the window trim from brown to white. We also replaced the pantry door to match the new interior doors we installed last year and we redecorated the small desk next to the refrigerator.

Before and after pantry door (we still need to add a door knob):



Before and after desk:



I hope your summer has been productive, too!

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