Practicing with the Macro Lens

I’ve had my macro lens for 4 years and I feel guilty because I don’t use it that much. I’m sure it’s user error but most of the pictures I take with it have a shallow depth of field even if I shoot at lower aperture settings like 15f. It is a really nice lens though and is capable of taking clear, crisp, and colorful pictures and I think I just need more experience with it. I have a Canon 60mm 2.8f EF-S macro lens.

Here are some pictures I’ve taken previously with my this lens:

This is picture has very little editing which means the lens is fantastic at picking up color. I like the shallow depth of field in this shot because it gives it an artistic look.
This picture would have been better if more of the bug was in focus. I need to figure that out.

Today I took eye pictures with this lens which I know is cliche but I don’t care. Here we go:

When I pulled this picture up on my computer and zoomed in, I was impressed by the level of detail in my lashes, etc. The only edits I made was brightening the highlights and darkening shadows a tiny bit.
This is my husband. Ugh, the light! The subject of this picture ended up being the reflection of my camera in his iris instead of what I wanted – just his iris. So, I need to be aware of lighting in pictures like this – and sometimes it’s hard to tell when looking at the tiny preview screen on the camera.

For anyone out there who is new to photography or has a new lens you’re not yet comfortable with – just keep practicing! You’ll get better.

Below is a picture I took with my high aperture lens a few days after I bought it in 2013 and a picture I took last year with it. Huge difference!

Taken in 2013. I was like, “I don’t know about this lens…” I had a hard time focusing it quickly compared to what I was used to. I felt a little discouraged at first.
Taken in 2018. When I took this pic I was like, “Oh, snap!” Previously I had mostly used the manual focus on this lens which can slow things down and kids usually don’t have the patience for it. I think this was the first time I used the autofocus since 2013 and it works fine! I don’t know why I had a problem with the focus before. Anyway, experience and practice helps.

What is your favorite lens? Have you ever needed to practice with new lenses or other photography equipment before you felt like you were taking quality pictures?

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