Rustic Table Makeover

A family member gave me this small table and asked me to paint it white and give it a rustic farmhouse look. I’ve done something similar to a different piece in the past and I think the trick is to not be too neat.

Here is the before:


I started by removing the blue paint and the finish on the top with 80 grit sandpaper. I didn’t remove everything 100% because I didn’t think it was necessary due to the look I was trying to achieve. Then I sanded with a 150 grit for a smoother finish.

I then applied a thin layer of paint (“bit of sugar” by Behr in an eggshell finish). I only put a little bit of paint on the brush each time because I wanted the wood underneath to show through in some places.

The next day I went over some of the corners and edges with a 150 grit piece of sandpaper to further distress it.


I hope you like!


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