Middle of Winter

It’s the middle of winter and although we’ve taken a break from the large house projects, we are continuing to make some small changes.

The first is we’ve replaced the outlets and switches in our entire house because the old ones were dirty, yellowish, and some also had paint on them from when walls were painted previously. Note – if you decide to replace outlets on your own, make sure to turn off the power to the outlet and use a multimeter to confirm no electricity is running through the wires.


We’re also working on something we hadn’t anticipated — filling cracks in our new trim that resulted in lower temperatures and humidity. I bought caulk that has “crack resistant” written on the packaging. I’m really hoping this does the trick because having to re-do work I’ve already done is a huge bummer.


I’ve also had some time to take pictures. One of the negative aspects of 2018 was that I didn’t have a lot of time to go out and take pictures because almost every weekend was consumed by our house projects. I’m trying to take more pictures in 2019.



What have you been doing this winter?