DIY Valance

I made valances for my living room.  Here’s how I did it!

Step 1. Figure out how wide you want the valance to be.  I decided to make mine 50 inches wide, which is the same width as my window plus window frame.  Once you figure out how wide you want your valance to be, add 4 inches (2 inches on each side) for seams.  So my starting fabric was 54 inches wide.

Step 2. Figure out how long you want the valance to be.  I think 16 inches is pretty standard.  Because the fabric wraps all the way around the back of the valance, you’ll want to cut your fabric twice the length of the final product.  So, I cut my fabric 32 inches (actually, I cut it 33 inches to give myself a cushion for error) by 54 inches wide.


My starting fabric; ironed and cut to 54 inches wide by 33 inches long.

Step 3. Fold and iron to create clean hems. fold down 3 inches on top, 2 inches on each side, and 1 inch on the bottom.

My folded and ironed seams.

My folded and ironed hems.

Step 4. Bring up the bottom of the fabric so that the top and bottom hem folds overlap by 1/4 of an inch or so.

IMG_4054Now your valance should be 50 inches by 16 inches (or whatever dimensions you planned for).

IMG_4053Step 5. Pin and Sew.  Pin the fabric every 5-6 inches.  Then sew the fabric so that the top and bottom hem folds are sewn together and both are sewn in to the front of the valance.


Note: this is the back of the valance. The front of the valance should be seamless.

Step 6 (optional). When finished sewing, I went back and ironed the bottom of my valance where fabric folds and wraps to the back.  I didn’t want to do this prior to sewing because I feared it would cause my pins to get moved around too much.


Just a side note: ironing with the left hand while taking a picture with the right was a feat. But you guys are worth it.

Step 7. Hang and enjoy!



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