Antique Mailbox

This antique mailbox is in our living room.  My husband bought it when he was a teenager and it’s something we plan to keep in the family for a long time.   The mailbox has “1948” engraved on it and it’s working location was close to where we grew up.

IMG_3138What family heirlooms do you have or plan to start?

P.S. I’ve made some visual changes to this blog recently and may switch to a different theme in the hopes of having a cleaner-looking blog.


Today’s Pictures

I took my new lens out this morning to see what it could do and to get practice with it.

IMG_3053 IMG_3070 IMG_3072 IMG_3081 IMG_3088 IMG_3097(the last one is for the upcoming Independence Day).

Have a great weekend!


Grilled Chicken and Roasted Red Pepper Panini

One of my favorite ingredients is roasted red peppers.  Yum yum yummy.  So, when I came across Pioneer Woman’s recipe for Grilled Chicken and Roasted Red Pepper Panini, I was excited to give it a try.

IMG_2931For the recipe, visit Pioneer Woman’s website.   I’ve tried many a recipe from her site; I think she’s fabulous and her step-by-step photos take the guess work out of cooking new recipes.

A few notes:

  • Since both the pesto and sun-dried tomatoes are canned in oil, I omit the olive oil
  • I make twice as much pesto mixture as the recipe calls for so that I have some left over for the following day.
  • I don’t have a gas stove, so I bought canned roasted red peppers and they worked great.
  • I don’t have a panini grill so I used a George Foreman Grill instead.

Give this one a try!

Metro Gardens

Earlier today I went to a local park to take some pictures.   I was a little hesitant to go because I just took some pictures there last November and I didn’t want to get pictures of the same things.  But, now that it’s almost summer, the scenery was quite different.