I Finally Joined Pinterest

So, I did it.  I joined Pinterest.  I admit that, until very recently, I didn’t see the appeal of it.  “It’s a bunch of images, so what?” I thought.  I realized over the weekend that the images are linked back to their original sources.  That changed things.  So, if I see a cookie that looks positively gorgeous, I can click on it to read the recipe!  And I can also look at the photography done by others.  I decided that I liked that so I signed up.  Then I had this inner dialogue with myself.

Artistic me: Look how colorful and vibrant all these pictures are!  Ohhhh!
Logical me:  Yes, they’re very nice.
Artistic me:  I want my photography to look like this!
Logical me: Well now, let’s not get carried away.  Most of our photos are more natural looking.
Artistic me:  I know.  But I like high-contrast pictures tooooo!  Perhaps we can post such pictures to the blog?
Logical me: Whoa whoa.  Let’s not get ahead of ourselves.  Where would these pictures go?
Artistic me: We could…. create a new page…?
Logical me: Yes!
Artistic me: Whoo-hoo!

And there you have it.  A new page has been added specifically for Pinterest images.  Here’s a sampling:


IMG_0793IMG_0769 IMG_1517If you’re on Pinterest, too, feel free to pin any of my images or to find me!


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