I’m Afraid of Photoshop – Part 2

I’m following up on one of my posts from last month.  For the record, I’m not actually afraid of Photoshop.  In fact, I adore it.  In my original post, I asked the question, “How much is too much in terms of editing a photo?”  There were some really great opinions that were shared. Some think any amount of editing is fine as long as the subject is still recognizable.  Others said some editing is okay, but there shouldn’t be so many changes that the photo loses its original feel.  Others think it depends on the picture.

To be honest, I still haven’t made up my mind on this.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen a picture that I thought had been editing too much, so for now I’m taking the stance “edit til your heart’s content!”

I think sometimes editing a picture is necessary to add interest to it.  I’ve always heard that great pictures are the ones that tell a story, bring up a memory, or portray an emotion.  But what if your original picture doesn’t do this?  Should you scrap it or edit the crap out of it to make it usable?

Take this picture for example:

Is this picture interesting?  I don’t particularly think so.  Does it cause me to feel a certain emotion?  No.  Look what happens after I edit it:

I darkened the blacks and added a cooling photo filter.  I personally really like the picture now.  It reminds me of a book I once read and gives me a feeling of calm. When I look at this, I see myself walking through the woods in the early morning looking for something (a person? An object?).  The before picture didn’t do any of these things.  It’s just amazing what a little editing can do.

Here’s another example:

And the after:I think I enjoy editing a picture as much as I enjoy taking the picture.  It allows me to use even more of my creativity and I love that.

On a completely unrelated note, I recently found out my boss is sending me to Portland, Oregon in a few months for a conference!  I’ve never been to the west coast (with the exception of a 3 day visit to L.A. 6 years ago) so I’m really exciting to go.  I’m hoping I’ll have enough free time to take some pictures and share them here with you.


2 thoughts on “I’m Afraid of Photoshop – Part 2

  1. I see soooo many over cooked images these day its scary. I think most of us get all nutty when we see all the crazy colours, ha. I think if it doesn’t work in B&W then it wont work in colour, most of the time. To view over cooked images, take a look at pixot.com, there are a ton there.

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