Wooden Pew Before and After

My father-in-law bought a pew from a garage sale for $5 several years ago.  He no longer had a use for it, so he gave it to my husband and me last spring.  We set it out on our front porch during the summer and it got pretty beat up.  By the end of the summer it was dirty, covered in bugs, and the finish was starting to chip off.  I decided it needed some tlc.

Before. I forgot to take the picture before I started and had already sanding some of the seat.

I brought it in the garage and spent several hours sanding.  There’s a lot of surface area on this thing when you have to sand every inch, corner, and joint.  When I finally finished sanding, I stained it and put on 3 coats of semi-gloss polycrylic.

The finished product

For a $5 pew, it doesn’t look too bad!

I’m currently working on two projects (painting my bathroom and refinishing an antique table) and will soon share before/after pictures of those.


6 thoughts on “Wooden Pew Before and After

  1. This looks fabulous! I have been looking for a pew to use in our dining area. They really do have so much charm and history.

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