Living Room Color Scheme

I’m still deciding on a color scheme for the living room.  I originally decided to add pops of green because I didn’t want the room to be too neutral.  So, the first thing I did was make new throw pillows for the couch.  Here they are:

Green throw pillows. They’re only okay.

The pillows were made about 6 months ago and more recently I’ve finished decorating my mantel, which I LOVE!  The mantel is decorated with mostly neutral colors and I like the cozy, calm feeling it gives the room.

(I know I’m only supposed to use natural light for these pictures, but it was dark and cloudy outside and I needed more light, so there you have it.)

Anyhow, now I want to turn the color scheme from green to neutrals.  I need to get rid of the green pillows and make ones that better match the new color scheme.  I’ve had my eye on these:

Boteh in Brindle by Dwell Studio

Suzani in Summerland by Premier Prints

Suzani in Twill by Premier Prints

Leaf Garland in Panther by Waverly

I will keep you updated with any changes that are made so keep checking in!


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